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Mobile homes are a cost effective housing option that helps buyers stay on track with their finances. They offer an approach to living sustainably while being equally efficient in terms of their budget too.


Because an individual's finances tend to fluctuate and life happens, sometimes people are forced to find a buyer for their mobile home, fast.


  - Is it time for you to upgrade your home?


  - Are you planning to trade your manufactured home for some quick money?


  - Do you need assistance finding the right buyer for your home in Federal Heights, Westminster or Broomfield, CO?


  - If you are serious about finding buyers for used mobile homes, then you have landed on the right page.


Before we jump to the do’s and don’ts of the process, let’s try to understand the reason behind why you want to sell…

Identify WHY You Want To Sell Your Mobile Home In Federal Heights, Westminster or Broomfield.


Understanding your own motivation for selling your mobile home will distill down for you the best options for yourself moving forward.


But if you are living in a mobile home and struggling to make ends meet, then you need a proper strategy in place before you make a hasty decision. Knowing where you are going next is important. 


The reason WHY you are selling your manufactured home will define the price you ask for.


With that being said, we would suggest you continue reading for a few minutes to learn a trick or two for getting the best returns from your mobile home.

How To Find The Best Buyers For Used Mobile Homes?


Just like a realtor helps a client prepare their home for the first viewings, you may need to invest some time/money into your mobile home before you start seeking potential buyers.

So, for those seeking a quicker arrangement, we have jotted down a few expert tips to get you started.

Check The Calendar

As a mobile homeowner, you must know that the winter is considered off-season by most temporary residents of manufactured home communities. Unfortunately, this means that you will not find the best buyers for used mobile homes until spring unless you can find an investor buyer that purchases homes year round.



Start The Preparation ASAP


De-cluttering a mobile home may seem like an easy job, but when you get to the nitty-gritty of the task, you will realize that it may not be as easy as it looks, and this is a very important step. Aesthetics sells.


When you decide that it’s time to sell your home, you must start cleaning and de-cluttering as soon as possible. It may take a lot more time and effort than what you may have in mind.


So it’s always better to start early.

Bring Some Professionals Onboard For Quick Fixes And Assessment


The HUD code has set very high standards for maintenance. This is why you must bring qualified technicians on board to fix the unit’s electricity, plumbing, and other visible faults.


The cracks on the windows and doors must be fixed, the paint job should look decent, and if you have time, then it’s better to get your Martha Stewart hat on and get organizing!

Get Consultation From An Experienced Mobile Home Investor or Realtor

You can play safe by consulting an experienced mobile home trader. While some gurus refer their followers to realtors, visiting an expert in the trade is practically better.


This will help you clear your mind and make navigating through the paperwork and transaction more straightforward.

Share Some Bread With The Neighbors


Most mobile home park neighbors help one another find great deals to stay in the community.


However, this means that once you start preparing the home for sale, it is always a good idea to learn from neighbors.


You can even share the idea with your friends and family who would distantly be interested in getting your mobile home.


You can literally take some bread, croissants, or muffins to discuss your thoughts. Because you never know if you might need a good word from your neighbors to impress the potential buyers.

Working With a Cash Investor


Working with a cash investor when you are in a pinch is the fastest way to get money and get out quickly. 


If you are just not wanting to deal with all of the headache, working with an investor can absolutely be worth it.


You can typically walk away without having to make any repairs or continuing to pay lot rent until someone finally buys it.


Most used mobiles are often purchased by companies who are prepared to the renovation and rehab that is needed. .


You can even consult a verified company to wrap things even quicker!

Final Takeaways

At the end of the day moving from a home is an emotional journey that can overwhelm anyone.


The first step for finding the right buyer is to make sure that you are clear with what you need and want. Create a list of pros and cons if you need to.


If you want to work with a credible investor who cares, give us a call.


You can count on our help to buy your mobile home “as is” in North Denver, Federal Heights, Westminster, Broomfield and surrounding areas.